Problogger has prepared an insightful piece on the optimal times for updating your blog or tweeting. It's worth some consideration.
A special little holiday tale I whipped up for a customer appreciation card.
This video has been making the rounds. It's a great example of how social media and internet services could have been used were they available to biblical figures. The video was created by a Portuguese firm, ExCentric PT.
‘Tis the season – at least for inundation with greetings and good tidings. And while I bid you both of these, I thought perhaps you might prefer a little gift.

For you, this holiday season, I present The Twelve Tips of Christmas, to help boost your marketing strategy:

#1 - Are you fulfilling a need?

A successful business isn’t just based on a good idea; a great business fulfils a need that prospective customers must have satisfied. Before you develop or revisit your marketing strategy consider what burning desire you are satisfying and use that as the focus of your outreach plans.
As ever, Chris Brogan has posted a helpful and innovative article for businesses. This one covering the concept of storytelling to help businesses relay effective messaging. The idea is well-worth considering, especially in the context of building a blog for business. If you really want to captivate readers and develop a returning audience, becoming an engaging storyteller, sharing your craft
New to Twitter? Wondering what all of these abbreviations mean? What's a DH or a DS? What does OH or #FF mean? It can be a bit overwhelming.

One place that can help is the Twittonary. It's an online, searchable repository of Twitter definitions. Check it out!

The Business Insider has run an excellent piece with helpful links on using Google Places. You want to make it easier for prospective businesses to find you? Get listed and fix your listing up right.