Jason Menard posted a great piece on dealing with "flamers" on websites. These are angry people who are complaining loudly and at length about something. Jason's article is very insightful and helpful in finding ways to cope with such unfriendly types.
‘Tis the season – at least for inundation with greetings and good tidings. And while I bid you both of these, I thought perhaps you might prefer a little gift.

For you, this holiday season, I present The Twelve Tips of Christmas, to help boost your marketing strategy:

#1 - Are you fulfilling a need?

A successful business isn’t just based on a good idea; a great business fulfils a need that prospective customers must have satisfied. Before you develop or revisit your marketing strategy consider what burning desire you are satisfying and use that as the focus of your outreach plans.
ReachLocal has published a helpful article on responding to bad reviews. No one likes hearing something negative about their business, but so long as customers are allowed to have opinions, bad reviews will be par for the entrepreneurial course.
We recently launched a bit of an ezine @CrowderHouse.

The publication, called Social Media Getting You Down?, covers topics related to marketing your business in a digital age and can be read here below. If you would like to subscribe to the ezine, please contact us.

What is social media, exactly?

It's a question I hear a lot. Almost everyone gets email. And the Internet seems pretty straightforward. But Twitter, LinkedIn and reviews-based websites - what are they really for and how can they help business?
This is a great article by Brian Payea, head of industry relations at TripAdvisor.

Brian provides some stellar advice on responding to reviews. Well worth the read.
David Meerman Scott posted a wonderful article on his blog detailing the US Air Force's process for responding to bad reviews. Complete with a flow chart on responding, the process is definitely worth a look through. Much of the process could easily apply to businesses dealing with online review sites.